Best of Las Vegas

Prototypez has been nominated in our first year as a non profit, for the Best of Las Vegas!! Last year, our Therapy Blocks was one of the winners in the therapy categories and is also nominated again this year in the Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy categories. SO proud of everyone involved. We are being noticed, making a difference and creating a path to success for our interns. Our after school and Saturday programs have started, we’re working around our interns already busy schedules and have added Saturdays too! Rumor has it our store is in the works and will sell items that the interns design themselves. All proceeds go to Prototypez. Please vote here!

Back to learning

This Monday we welcome our interns back to learning with the start of our back to school programs. Monday through Thursday we will have our tech/computer classes, Fridays we will continue with our fitness & nutrition…and some fun social events too! Saturday will be our big day of learning! All of our tech/computer classes, plus other fun things we’re sure our interns will LOVE! This fall promises to be an amazing time for learning but also some celebrating and fun along the way. Sharing an photo from the interns filming their very own Prototypez commercial soon to air on social media, the website & You Tube! We can’t wait to see what our interns will accomplish with our fall classes!

Successful summer 2021

With everything going on in the world today, its so nice to see genuine smiles. This summer at Prototypez, we had no shortage of those. We couldn’t be more proud of our interns and their families! Such dedication and effort was given during our classes and even outside of the classes. We have some exciting things ahead, including the after school & weekend programs, a surprise commercial created by the interns, fundraisers, celebrations and of course continuing the friendships that formed over the summer. To say the least, it has been incredible. I speak for the staff and volunteers at Prototypez when I say that we have learned just as much, if not more this summer than the interns! So thank you! We will see you again very soon!

Being a parent

This post goes out to the incredible parents of our interns, the staff of Prototypez who are parents and our supporters with children of their own. We have approx. 2 more weeks left in our summer camp, I was able to not only have a hands on opportunity to teach but to observe. Our interns have learned so much as young ladies and men just in the short time we’ve been able to work with them, there’s something else though. They’ve become a group, a circle of friends who enjoy spending time together. One of the obvious goals of Prototypez is to give tech and job skills that they will use moving forward as they choose their life and career paths. We’ve also had the pleasure to witness growth and learning in other ways that, in life, usually comes from a parent. They formed friendships and became a team, a family. Having the gift to do that always starts at home, at least I believe that. They laugh together, help each other out, support each others work and bond together to accomplish the projects and goals we’ve given them. They never fail to amaze us with the little unselfish gestures they do to help one another when they think nobody is watching or their ability to give a smile when someone in their ‘circle’ needs one. These things come from you, our parents and we couldn’t be more grateful. Give yourselves a much deserved round of applause, the accomplishments our interns have made and will continue to make is because of you. Your determination to give your son/daughter every opportunity to achieve their dreams is why Prototypez exists. You are the shining example of what every parent should want to become. We’re in this together and I don’t think we could have a more amazing group of people to share this journey with. A huge THANK YOU to our parents, we appreciate you more than you know!!!

Our amazing interns

We are heading into the second half of our summer camp 2021 this week. Words can’t explain how incredibly proud we are of the progress and effort each one of the interns have given. Learning not only tech skills, marketing, design, coding, but valuable job related information, fitness and nutrition, scheduling and taking breaks, etc. As already shown with Prototypez, we combine fun with learning to make a more successful environment for the interns. Summer should be a time of relaxation even while learning valuable skills.

Here’s to a very successful second half of summer camp and to the exciting events that we have upcoming in the next several months. We are growing and moving forward and so thrilled that our supporters are coming along with us!!!

Week 1 with our amazing Interns!

Wow! What an amazing group we have for Prototypez Summer Camp 2021! Our interns finished week 1 of tech and fitness/nutrition camps. Learning things like creating websites, marketing & design & video production/editing, they impressed from the first hour with their hard work, attention to detail and willingness to learn. Already making huge progress and impressing with their skills, we couldn’t be prouder of them. Summer Camp is far from all work though, hearing the laughter from the classroom and watching friendships form reminds us summer is going to be incredible this year, not only for the interns, but those of us involved with Prototypez. Can’t wait to see what the next several weeks has in store for us!

Summer Camp!

Summer camp for Prototypez is underway! The interns are getting fit, learning nutrition, gaining knowledge and hands on training in tech, web design, editing, design and even some marketing! We are thrilled about what this summer will bring all of us and so excited to see where it takes our interns. Our main goal is to always relax and have fun while learning. We will keep you updated on our progress and thank you for supporting Prototypez & our interns!

Winding down and gearing up

As our first classes and events with Prototypez winds down until the summer camps begin, I want to share a photo that sums up what we’ve accomplished. Yes, we began to learn blogging, design, fitness, nutrition, computer tech, editing, etc. We made connections and had fun. Even during the isolation days from Covid, we connected and enjoyed ourselves. We will continue to grow and learn, its what we do. Creating lasting friendships and sharing smiles ultimately needs to be our goal and we achieved that. Have a safe couple of weeks and we will see everyone for summer camp!!

Pride in their work

Today we end one of our Prototypez Zoom Classes with the interns creating their final design for a new Prototypez T-Shirt. I’m so proud of Toni & Kayden for the enthusiasm and work they put into their class for the last couple of months. During the last few months, our interns have gained experience in filming events and editing, learned the ins and outs of blogging, web design, fitness and nutrition to the basics of Photoshop, design and even internet safety. Wow! Every step along the way has made us nothing but proud. Watching the progress weekly is what motivates us to do more. We know that the new Summer Classes will be another amazing example of what’s to come with Prototypez and the interns.

We want to also reach out and send thanks to everyone who has supported and helped us as we begin this journey. We are heading nowhere but up and excited to see where this summer and beyond takes Prototypez! Our new T-Shirt special edition (complete with autographs from our intern designers) will be finished today, but the learning and fun will continue. We will make sure to show you a small peek at the new shirts though. Again, we are so proud of our interns and can’t wait to see what amazing steps they take next. If you know someone that might be interested in becoming an intern, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We can’t exist without the help of our friends and sponsors and if you can or know someone interested in sponsorship, please contact us.

fitness day 1

WOW!!! Our interns had a great time, Fitness and Nutrition time @ Prototypez!! We stretched, did some light flexibility movements, and then…..danced and let loose a little bit!!! Such a great time was had by us all and then after the dancing, we focused on nutrition. Healthy body/Healthy mind. It all goes together and at Prototypez, we want to make sure that the interns have at least a general knowledge in keeping their fitness goals in reach and eating healthy, balanced meals when they can. Fruit was our focus as our interns created fruit ka-bobs. I see each week the friendships form and comfort levels increase. It’s pretty amazing to watch the changes. So proud of all of them!!!